Immerse yourself in English

Live-In English – English language training in small groups


You leave home one morning and arrive in an entirely Anglo-Saxon world without even crossing the English Channel. Soon you are thinking, reacting and even dreaming in English as you live the language of Shakespeare 24/7.

It’s the Live-In English effect: 4 full days of original and effective language learning activities designed by the team at ENGLISH APART that really get you talking and making progress.

As part of a small group of learners, all at the same stage of the learning process as you, you will forget those inhibitions and finally find yourself speaking English with confidence.

The whole group can share interesting conversation and tasty meals with our multi-national teachers – and perhaps you will have the opportunity to mix with some local British ex-pats who love living in the Monts d’Arrée region. From dawn until dusk you will be surrounded by English and at the end of the day, you can enjoy our luxuriously comfortable accommodation in a peaceful, relaxing setting.

We just need to assess you level of English and ask you about your hobbies and interests – contact us for an assessment in person or via video. Once we know you a little better, we can find the right group for you!

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